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What are Hewns? 

Hewns are alien miners. The first time the name “Hewns” was recorded was on the planet Upearligg, where the miners were called “Hewns” because they cut or hewed the stones and mountains looking for valuable things! 

Those Amazing Hewns

The “Alien” characters (called Hewns) come from almost every conceivable pocket of the known multiverse. They range in size from small to big, and some can fly, others can dig, some can climb, and some are almost unbelievable in their appearance…

Hewns and Layodikeya

Many aliens were attracted to the planet Layodikeya because they heard it was the sole source of some fairly wondrous liquid, primarily called Substract. Because of its awe-inspiring appearance and its other beneficial & mysterious properties, Substract attracted thousands of curious and desperate aliens.

However, when they arrive from the rest of the universe to the planet Layodikeya, the aliens were tricked, using various coercive and sneaky methods, by the beings that own the giant Gravulator slaving ships! The aliens from the Gravulators influence and brainwash the Hewns into thinking they are “saving the Substract” from other dangerous alien beings. The Gravulators then coat the Hewns in armour and equip them with weapons, mining gear & equipment making them into “Hewns” – able to mine the Substract on Layodikeya, and breathe its atmosphere. 

The poor Hewns are then sold to nominator ships  powerful, alien groups who try to gain even more power from the use and sale of Substract. The poor Hewns are transmitted to the planet to start mining Substract, by scooping the liquid into capsules.

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