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Where do players get those aliens (called Hewns) to mine the planet Layodikeya for them? Hewns that have Sicket sockets can be upgraded with specific technologies which could help them to mine better, or offer better protection from attacks, new weapons, or other weird and wonderful abilities!


Each round, they fill up their Bidoxes with any of the following three different things:

  • Blue “dirty” Substract

  • Green “normal” Substract

  • Special tokens (usually used to interfere with the auction or to damage the other players if they win!)

  • Players also attach nanabites to the Bidoxes to help them hack the auctions!


…other players also secretly fill their bidoxes with Substract, Dirty Substract, and tokens, and the player with the highest total wins the auction!

1. Choose a Bidox

Choos a Bidox

2. Fill it with Substract tokens - both blue and green tokens count as 1. Also, in the Hewns Traitors expansion, you can fill it with other tokens to hurt or slow down the other players!

Fill Bidox with Substract tokens

3. Attach Nanabites to your Bidox if you want it to hack the auction and get a bonus +1 to the auction!

Attach Nanabites to Bidox

4. Place your Bidox onto the card of the alien Hewn you wish to bid on. Other players might bid as well!

Place Biddox onto the card of the alien.
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